HTC G1 – The First Google Android Powered Mobile Priced At $179

HTC_G1_Google_Android_Phone The much awaited Google Android powered mobile HTC G1 is launched in an event held at New York by Sergey Brin, Larry Page along with the members of HTC and T-Mobile.

The user interface of the phone is very similar to the revolutionary iPhone and the price tag is set at $179.  USA customers can buy the phone from T-Mobile from October 22nd onwards with either a $25 or $35 monthly plan.

Here is the promotion video of HTC G1

Promotion Video 1

What is in  HTC G1 That is Not in Apple iPhone

What HTC G1 offers that is not available in iPhone? This is one question many people have been debating since Google & HTC announced their plans of launching Google OS powered mobiles. The major revolution iPhone has brought and that is also available in HTC G1 is the touch interface. The easy to navigate touch interface, auto screen layout orientation, drag and drop interface of HTC G1 are very similar to iPhone. Then what is in HTC G1 that is not there in iPhone? The first impression says

  • Keyboard – iPhone has virtual keyboard, but HTC G1 has a physical qwerty keyboard.
  • Google – Google is built in to HTC G1 everywhere. Just like how IE and other Microsoft products are packed with MS Windows similarly Google is packing GMail, Google Talk, Google Maps and Google Search application in to the HTC G1
  • Compass Mode – In compass mode the scene moves as we do. For example in Google Maps Street View the move moves as you do (This is very cool)
  • Google Maps with Street View  HTC G1 is the first mobile to have street view feature of Google Maps
  • Superior Web Browser The Web Kit based browser application of HTC G1 is expected to be more faster and have lot of features that brings web browsing on mobiles close to PCs
  • 3M Camera
  • Push GMail support

Promotion Video 2