Google Apps Reduces Free Accounts From 200 to 50 Quietly

Google_Apps_Logo Google Apps, a suite of free application like GMail, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Docs, etc that are packaged for the business use,  has reduced the number of free accounts from 200 to 50.

When we signed up with Google Apps in December 2007, the number of free accounts permitted are 200. And today the chicken coop forge

ef=””>Google Apps signup page says that only 50 accounts are permitted in the standard free version.

Google has taken this decision as the majority of the Google Apps user are happy with the free advertising supported version. In order to make the free version less attractive they are quietly lowering the number of accounts supported in the free account.

So today if you are going to start any business that requires more than 50 accounts, then you should pay $50/user account/year. Alternately you can explore other options like Zoho or Yahoo Zimbra.

1 thought on “Google Apps Reduces Free Accounts From 200 to 50 Quietly”

  1. This is sad news for our clients.

    100 users would have been way better. :)

    Any feedback on Zoho or Zimbra?

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