Google Desktop Latest Version – Fast And Memory Efficient

Google_desktop_logo Google released an updated version of Google Desktop Search application that allows us to search documents and files on personal computers just like the way we search on the Internet.

The updated version 5.8 for windows promised to be highly performant and uses memory effectively.

  • 50 % less memory usage on start up Google Desktop Search
  • Shutdown now happens five times faster
  • The number of different processes that Google Desktop runs are reduced considerably
  • The Microsoft outlook integration is more stable and memory efficient than ever

  • A new system that detects when a gadget is causing your computer to perform poorly, and asks you whether to remove the gadget from Google Desktop
  • Security measures are added to prevent malicious gadgets from stealing information from other gadgets
  • The new version allows Flash programs such as interactive games to be embedded in gadgets
  • An improved  error diagnosis and reporting system to detect and report situations where Google Desktop product could be making your computer slow to respond

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