Google Glasses–A new world in front of your eyes

Google is getting into a whole new business that would help us to see the world in a new dimension and free us from all gadgets we carry we today. Google Glasses is a wearable tiny computer that brings information in front of your eyes and lets you interact with it using voice commands. It’s a kind of glasses(spectacles) that you can wear to see and interact with the world in a new way. 

With Google Glasses, for example you can look at a beautiful location and through voice you can instruct it to capture a photograph and share it to your friends. You don’t need a camera to capture the beautiful scene, you don’t need an App to upload and share it.  All you need is just Google Glasses project_glass

By the way these glasses are not heavy head mountable stuff, they are very tiny one and look beautiful too. Check out the embedded video demo released by Google to see them in action and for sure you are going to be amazed.


Last year December 9 to 5 Google posted details about this secret project and NY Times says that these glasses would be available to everyone at affordable cost, anywhere between $250 and $600. It is powered by Android OS and the contains a GPS, motion sensor, camera, voice input & output devices.

Check out Project Glass for more details.

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