Google Rolls Out Secured Search. It’s Slightly Different From Regular Search

Google_secured_search Google rolled out secured version of it’s search engine at (did you notice https instead of http?). This search engine lets everyone to use Google search in a secured way.

How is it secured?

When you use, the data exchanged between your browser and Google servers is encrypted to make sure that no one can sniff it.

Is my search history secured from Google?

No. The search queries you submit to Google are stored in Google servers. There is no change Google’s search history recording.

Any differences between Regular Search and Secured Search Results?

Yes. Secured search is slightly different from regular search. When you are accessing Google Secured Search

  1. Image search options will not be available on the left side bar.
  2. Site may respond slow compared to regular search site as there is a overhead to establish between your browser and the server.

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