Google Pulls Plug On Wave. 5 Other Products Google Should Kill.

Google official pulled plug on Google Wave product and announced that they are discontinuing it as “Wave has not seen the user adoption we(Google) would have liked”. By the way do you remember Google Wave?

It was once most hyped technology by media and blogs to the skies as if it’s going revolutionize the way in which we communicate. There was no doubt that the pre-release hype generated too much user attention and people were behind every blog that offered to give them an invite to try Google Wave.

Users who got access to Google Wave were totally confused as they could not figure out what the service is all about and why they need it.  Good that Google understood this and pulled plug on this project.

Here are the other products that are not worth running by Google.

  • Orkut – You might be aware of this service if you are from either India or Germany. Chances of others knowing this services is very less. Facebook invaded Orkut’s territory in India as I see almost all my Orkut friends on Facebook these days. I don’t even login to Orkut any more.
  • Buzz – Just like Wave there was too much hype when the service was launched and later it fell flat.
  • Google Toolbar – We all hate toolbars, they occupy too much of browser’s real estate. Of course Google is aware of this and they never released Google Toolbar for their Chrome browser.
  • Google Base – what is that? This is something which is still available at
  • Google Desktop – Yeah during the Windows XP days we use to love this product. But with Windows Vista and Windows 7 we don’t need it any more.

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  1. Though I don’t like wave much, the marketing strategy they used to promote was too good. Limited users… I think Apple too uses this on iPhone sale. Making customer to wait. And after all… it works. :)

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