I Received Google Wave Invitation

More than a month long wait for Google Wave invite is over. Today morning I received an invitation mail from Google to access Google Wave. Here is the screen grab of my Google Wave inbox.


At a first glance the UI looks very much similar to GMail, but after spending couple of minutes I understood that Google Wave UI is many times powerful than GMail. As I want to blog about th

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is first, i did not explore Google Wave much :).

How I Got My Google Wave Invitation?

A month ago I applied for Google Wave invitation and today received invitation mail directly from Google. If you want to know how to get Google Wave invites, read the article Two Ways To Get Google Wave Invitation.

Google Wave Invites Give Away From Tech Dreams

I hope my account will be able to invite at least 8 members to try Google Wave. I'm yet to figure out how to invite others.  So please stand by for Google Wave invites from Tech Dreams.

42 thoughts on “I Received Google Wave Invitation”

  1. I’m looking for a Google Wave invitation, please please I’m a big fan of the tools of google and my job profile also deal with the Andriod Back End Only.Especially in multimedia Side.
    I am working on development of android mobile for an esteemed client of my company and really fascinated abt the work.
    In the same way i want to explore,express and enjoy the Google Wave..In the recent days i digged a lot of information abt it and send 100 of mails to the people to help me in getting a wave invitation.

    please guys help me in this..please throw away on invitation to my mail account.
    I will be thankful for that..and greatly appreciate it,also will help u in any manner i can.

  2. I think you are observing the Google Wave. Can you publish an article on “How to work on Google Wave?”…
    Did you still left any Google Wave invitation..???

  3. Hey dude…it really sounds good that ya got the Google Wave invitation..
    i jst really like its Multi purpose thing like bloggy, wiki, EMail,Chat…
    jst love the Google Technology & also the its ” GWT ” which is really helpful..!!
    I also Hope that i get one invitation..
    Bt asking ya..if u havin one left plz invite me..
    it will be helpful to both of ya..coz m also a blogger user..n m hoping a good increased alexa renk in few months..!!

  4. Can somebody plz….plz….plz….send me an invite? I would be greatful to the person who will send me this gift and would pray for him and his family to the GOD.

  5. CAN YOU invited me..please (akbartea@gmail.com). I need to introduce to my students (i’m a lecturer, teaching virtual community)

  6. I got my invite around 2 weeks back, but haven’t got the ability to invite others. i got my invite from a blogger, some say that only those who are invited directly by google will be able to invite others.

  7. Hi guys,
    I just got my invite~! What a great way to start the day and the week!
    Will be exploring all the features of the app today… :)

  8. It will take atleast a week to get the “Invite Others” wave. I am still waiting so as to invite others.

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