I’m One Among The 10 Million Google+ Users. I Don’t Even Share Updates Once A Week. So Are My Friends.

Google+ users has grown to 10 million+ in a record time of 16 days after it’s launch. Even though one needs an referral invitation to join Google+, the pace at which Google+ attracted 10 million+ users is very impressive. What if the service is available to everyone without requiring a referral? The users count would have been 5 to 10 folds more.

I’m also one among those 10 million Google+ users who have access to the site and I love it’s fancy user interface.  Creating circles and adding users to it is loads of fun,  group video chatting seems to be very promising.  All is good with the service, but there is something missing – user engagement. My Google+ activity stream is almost dead and it hardly scrolls to 3 pages on screen.

Personally I don’t share much updates on Google+. My first and last posts on Google+  were on the day when I got access to the service. After that I have not shared information. Reason? There is no motivation to share info there as it’s looks like a desert.  You may say “It may be your problem if you are not active on Google+”. Yes it’s my problem as well as problem of my friends too. None of my friends are active on Google+. 90% of my friends has posted a message or two when they first got access to the system and never updated after that. And the rest 10%, post messages now and then. The top most update on my Google+ wall was posted a week ago. On Facebook it’s 3 seconds ago!

So this means, people are influenced a lot by the initial media buzz and flooded Google+ social network. After using it for couple of days, they started realizing that there is no big motivation to leave Facebook and jump on to Google+.

What about your activity levels on Google+? Does your friends actively share information on Google+? Or just like my case, your Google+ wall has a week ago activity at the top of the page?

4 thoughts on “I’m One Among The 10 Million Google+ Users. I Don’t Even Share Updates Once A Week. So Are My Friends.”

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  2. Gopi, I agree with you. Goolge+ is almost dead…

    I don’t even login to Google+. I had just 2 or 3 shares in total in Google+

    None of my friends uses.. many haven’t even got the account.

    Only thing I gained from Google+ is, now my picasa have unlimited storage (virtually) :)

    Yes.. any pics that are less than 2048*2048 will not be counted for the 1GB quota..

  3. First things first, someone needs to tell me how to use that damn things. I really dont think I want to go thro a learning curve for this !

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