Is There Anything Exciting in Google Buzz? NO

This morning I woke to the noise of Google Buzz release. Google Buzz is Google’s version of Facebook + Twitter embedded in GMail. Here is the video released by Google on Buzz


As Google is rolling out Buzz to GMail users in phased manner it’s not yet available to many users. Even though I’ve not got my hands on with Buzz as it’s not yet available in my account, I had a change to look at it in my friends account and also read the reviews written by many gurus.

After seeing the demo videos as well as reading the information posted by tech gurus, I don’t see any features of Google Buzz exciting. It looks just like another social networking site that is trying to catch with Facebook & Twitter. If that is the case, why would anyone prefer to use it? I’m already on Facebook and connected with all my friends. Facebook is so innovative and it innovative interface makes social networking so simple.

Just like how I prefer to use Google over Bing search engine, I prefer to use Facebook over Google Buzz.  Looks like again Google failing to understand social networking all together(Google’s Jaiku is as good as dead service and Orkut is being eaten by Facebook in every meal).

As I said earlier I’ve not got access to Google Buzz yet and my views are purely based on what I read and saw on the net. It’s too early to conclude Google Buzz will take the path of Google Wave (is anyone really using?). Once I get access to Buzz, I’ll update you guys with my hands on experience. If you have access to Buzz, lets us know your views.

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