MishraReader – Windows 8 Style Google Reader With Nice Animations And Metro Interface

It’s been ages since Google updated the user interface of Google Reader. Even though Google Reader is a primary source of information for many, Google seems to have least interest in introducing new features and updating it’s UI.

If you are one like me who uses Google Reader everyday but bored with it’s pale web interface, here comes MishraReader – a cool Windows 8 style desktop application for reading Google Reader subscribed feeds. MishraReder sports a cool Windows 8 Metro UI themed interface with smooth animations and attractive icons. Especially the transition effects while navigating between the feeds are very impressive.


To install MishraReader you need to have .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your PC, but when you try to install MishraReader it smoothly installs all the pre-requisites for you. Here are the features of the application

  • Copy to clipboard for scaled picture
  • Application icon in notification zone
  • Notifications
  • French support
  • Starred
  • Collapsible headers

If you are a developer you can browse through WPF source code of MishraReader application to learn WPF programming techniques for smooth animations.

Download Mishra Reader

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