NASA Finds Significant Amount Of Water On Moon – Google Celebrates With a Doodle

Remember the recent experiment by NASA that bombed Moon to explore water? There was lots of out cry from public but NASA proved that it's correct in bombing. In a press release yesterday they announced the results of the experiment and said “We didn't just find a little bit; we found a significant amount”.

Significant amount? Yes seems to close to “a dozen two-gallon buckets” of water is unearthed(may be un-mooned) from the surface where the bombing happened. That's a great achievement by NASA and some credit goes to India's Chandrayaan mission that identified water first on Moon.

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org/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/google_celebrates_nasa_finding_water_on_moon.png” width=”346″ height=”130″ />This great news is celebrated by Google in the best way it always does – decorating the Google home page with a special doodle.

If you visit now, you will see this doodle.

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