Plastic Logic a tough competitor for Kindle

plasticlogicelectronicreadingdevice2-winceWe have very tough competitor from Plastic Logic for Amazon Kindle 2  [which was announced recently]. I simply loved it for its technology. Its one of a kind for it does revolutionize they way devices are built. We would look at any e-reader device and we would probably think its made up of your usual LCD screen and probably will have some keys to navigate.

Well all of us are in for a surprise.

The engineers build the system is not as of our conventional silicon but  plastic (Plastic electronics). The display is not made on LCD glass but plastic.

It also reads most of the formats that we carry our documents on the computer. I really cannot start to imagine they battery life that they are claiming. Here is the best part its thinner than the MAC book air.

plasticlogicelectronicreadingdeviceThis eReader Business Reader not just casual reader. Meaning you can store and carry your office documents along wiht you and read them. 

Here is a list of items it does support – PDF, DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), TEXT, RTF, HTML, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ePub, eReader Format, Digital Rights Management. 

The size is about 8.5 inch by 11 inchpad of paper and weighs less than most of the printed magazines. Currently along with the partners they hold about 1,000 digital magazine titles.

It is very robust, if you hit a laptop with a shoe it would break and shatter into pieces, but this will not! (that’s a jaw dropper)
Battery life of this device is measured on days not hours! [Claims made by them]

Current partners are fictionwise, Financial Times, Ingram Digital. Price remains undisclosed. Why is that ? When you show something in CES (Consumer electronics show you tell people the price, else I will not wait for you!)

See the demo given below. You can see it does not break if you hit it with a shoe and also the other cool feature of the touch screen where you actually mark few things in a documents like underlining, giving a tick mark or drawing a circle around bunch of text.

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  1. Plastic Logic’s device is like a unicorn or the holy grail of eReaders. It’s easy to have a flashy device if you never release anything. This has been getting pushed back for a couple years now. I look forward to a day when they actually have something on the market.

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