Search Similar Images – Google Image Search New Labs Feature

Google yesterday announced an interesting image search lab feature – Search Similar Images. As the name implies, this features allows us to search for similar images listed on an image search results.

Lets say that you are searching for landscape images and from the results you love one green landscape. With the help of similar images link provided just below the green landscape, you can retrieve more image that are similar to the selected one. That’s lots of fun and very useful isn’t it? See the below screenshot of Google Similar images search results


I played with the service for close an hour and most of the time the similar images results are very meaningful(once it failed badly when i searched for similar Taj Mahal images). Anyways, this is definitely going to be another feather in the Google Image Search cap and soon we can expect this labs feature to be integrated with the mainstream image search engine.

Here is a video demonstration of Similar Image Search feature



Google Similar Images [via lifehacker]

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