Set iPhone Style Location Based Alerts On Your Android Device With Google Now

2013-05-19 15.25.03Location based alerts of iPhone are very useful. You can set an alert to popup as soon as you reach a specific location like “Pickup milk and eggs” when I’m near a grocery store. This feature was missing in Android for a long time, but last week at Google I/O conference Google released an update to Google Now which supports location based alerts.

To setup a location based alert

1. Launch Google Now

2. Type or say add reminder

3. By default it shows time based alert interface, switch it location based by touching Location icon

4. Set reminder text, choose a location and touch Set reminder

5. Your alert is set now and as soon as you are close by the specified location, you’ll see an alert on your device.

This is a nice feature and I’m using it quite often for the past couple of days.  There are couple of things missing from the current version of Google Now location based alerts– recurring alerts and ability to set alerts on leaving a specific location.

It is not possible to recur location based alerts. You will be alerted only once as soon as you reach the location and it is not possible to repeat the alert next time you visit the location. Lets say you want to be reminded to say hi to friend’s parents whenever you are travelling close by their home. It does not work.

The second missing feature is something basic and some how Google did not incorporate in their first iteration. Lets say you are at office now and you want to set up alert to pickup flowers when you leave office. Sounds like a simple use case for location based alerts right? But there is no way to set this type of alerts. Google Now alerts you as soon as you reach a location, but not when you leave a location.

Do you have an Android that supports Google Now? If so what are your thoughts on location based alerts?

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