Now You Can Sign In To Multiple Google Accounts At A Time

Google is rolling out a new feature that allows you sign into multiple Google accounts using a single web browser at a time and let you switch between them easily. Consider you have two Google mail ids – one for work and another one for personal use. With this new feature you don’t have to signoff one to access another account. Sign into both the accounts and switch between them using a single click. That’s cool. Isn’t it?


Google Operating System blog says that you have to enable multiple sign-in by visiting your Google Accounts page. If you don’t see the multiple sign in option in that page, wait for couple of days. Google is slowly rolling out these features to everyone.


Google is rolling out the new features with a set of limitations. A full list of them are provided over here but the most important ones are listed below

  • You can’t use Offline Gmail or Calendar with the multiple sign-in feature.
  • You can sign into a maximum of three accounts at once.
  • The first account you sign in with when you’re setting up multiple sign-in will be set to your default account
  • Multiple sign-ins only work with these Google apps—that is, Google App Engine, Code, Calendar, Gmail, Reader, Sites, and Voice support the multiple sign-in feature. Most notably, Google Docs isn’t yet supported, but it’s marked as coming soon.

Thanks to Google for always rolling out very useful features across it products. You delight us always.

via GOS Blog and LifeHacker

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