Check Your LIC Policy Status Through SMS

Most of us in India hold at least one Life Insurance Policy today. While we all know everything gets computerized these days, LIC also supports payment via internet. You can view details about how payment is made through internet here. Few years back LIC started supporting SMS’es as well. Now you really don’t need to have internet rather check your LIC policy status while on road by sending just one SMS to 56677.


Now that we know LIC answers to our SMS, lets see the format in which we have to send our SMS and their meaning.

The format in which the SMS has to be sent is


Send any one of the following [PREMIUM/REVIVAL/BONUS/LOAN/NOM] to get the details.

For instance, If you send

ASKLIC <Policy No> Premium , it would return your Installment premium under policy
ASKLIC <Policy No> Revival , it would check If policy is lapsed and return revival amount payable
ASKLIC <Policy No> Bonus , it would check and return the amount of Bonus invested
ASKLIC <Policy No> Loan , it would check and return the amount available as Loan
ASKLIC <Policy No> NOM , it would check and return the details of Nomination

Also, as everyone knows there are lots of pension schemes as well available in LIC and if one is interested in getting the pension details, then the format for sending the SMS is


For instance, If you send

LICPension <Policy No> STAT gives you the IPP Policy status details
LICPension <Policy No> ECDUE gives you the existence certificate due details
LICPension <Policy No> ANNPD gives you the last annuity released date
LICPension <Policy No> CHQ/ECS/NEFT (PDTHRU) gives the details about annuity payment through
LICPension <Policy No> AMOUNT gives details about annuity amount
LICPension <Policy No> CHQRET gives details about cheque return information

Just with one SMS get all your policy details and make life easier. Each SMS that you send would be charged depending on your service provider.

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  1. please dont text us contact branch after sending a msz…… rather u can provide some info regarding that issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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