Facebook Opens India Office In a Traditional Style[Video]

Facebook is on the roll in India. It overtook Orkut to become the no.1 social networking site in India. To support the growth of Facebook in India as well across the globe, Facebook recently opened a office at Hyderabad, India. Hyderabad city is also know as Cyberabad hosts an array of IT giants including Google, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Amazon and Oracle. The new office of Facebook is expected to be fully operational in September 2010.

Video of the opening ceremony in traditional India style is embedded below.

Facebook opening a office  in India is a great opportunity for software developers who are dreaming to be part of cutting edge Facebook application development(hoping that they may set up software development center in Hyderabad). There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the coolest places to work, so lets sharpen your software development skills, especially in HTML 5, PHP, C, C++, and JavaScript and keep an eye on facebook.com/careers web page for openings. As I write this post, there are no openings in Facebook Hyderabad office.

via amit bhawani

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