Get The Geographical Location Of Any Train In India

Indian Railways, one of the largest and busiest rail Indian Train Imagenetworks in the world, has already crated a revolution with their IRCTC site by bringing  the ticket booking online and made it easier for millions of travellers.

This time not necessarily from the Indian railways, we have found an amazing website IndairailInfo which has very good features like tracking the geographical path and the current location of any train on Google maps.

Just by giving train name/number with in a fraction of seconds it provides us train details,fare & availability and their location on Google maps.It may not have the best design but if you look at the features of the site, you will be amazed.

2 thoughts on “Get The Geographical Location Of Any Train In India”

  1. You are right – it definitely is one of the more useful websites, if you want to travel long-distance within India. Actually, I found the website’s train search more practically useful than the other features (although I must admit this is the first time I am seeing a real-time google maps train-tracking feature on the internet). More and more, I visit tech blogs like yours to discover the treasures of the web. Long live blogging. Thanks for your useful service.

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