Indian school boy never misses a class for 14 years. Applies for Gunnies Records

If you ask the question “What is the most fun activity?” to school or college kids, most of the kids would say “bunking classes”. Many of us are grown up bunking classes in the name of stomachache, relatives marriage, high fever, rain or some other reason.

Here is a wonder kid who is an exception of regular school kids. Mohammed Omar, a 17 year Indian school boy, never skipped his classes for the past 14 years. His attendance records shows 100% for all the 14 years of school he attended so far and it’s an unbelievable track record.


Omar lives in Kanpur, a suburban in Uttar Pradesh with parents and a younger brother. He attended school even when the area where he lives was once flooded, had high temperature. When flooded and motor vehicles were not able to run on the streets he loaned a bicycle from neighbors. When he was on high temperature he just popped a tablet and headed towards the school.  Whatever may be the adverse situation, he just found a way to attend school instead of bunking. He recently applied for Guinness Book of World Records.

The determination of the boy is incredible and inspiration to many young. I  wish to see this guy soon flashing on TV Channels with Guinness World Records certificates on his hands.

Source: NDTV, creative common image: flickr/seeveeaar

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