Wall Street Journal Online Launches It’s Indian Edition

The Wall Street Journal has launched a special Indian edition of its wsj.com to enlarge  business operations in the highly potential Asian market. A press release said that WSJ is expanding its  Indian Edition to "provide users a more regionally relevant experience with streamlined navigation and added multimedia features."


Information for the Indian Edition is sourced from the WSJ news bureaus from the New Delhi and Mumbai. The news site provide insight information on current affairs of India along with very valuable data on Indian and Asian markets for investors.

WSJ_Switching_To_Different_EditionsIf you visit wsj.com from India you will be automatically redirected to india.wsj.com. To switch to the US Edition or any other edition of WSJ, you can choose the switching options available on the page.

Similar to the wsj.com, many articles available on the Indian Edition are accessible only by the paid subscribers. To get one year full access to the site you have to pay Rs. 10,500/- or you can subscribe for Rs.19,950.00 to get 2 years of full access.

WSJ is also working hard to launch a print version of Indian edition of the paper if the government increases the FDI limit in newspapers from 26 per cent to 49 per cent.

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