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At last I Got Access to Microsoft Office Web Apps. You Can Also Get It With A Simple Trick

office_web It’s been couple of weeks since Microsoft opened up access to Office Web Apps on invitation basis. Microsoft provided invitations to the few lucky users who applied to beta testing program and others are still waiting. Even I was waiting till today evening until I found this trick that gave instant access to Office Web Apps

How To Get Access?

1. Point your browser(IE or firefox) to

2. Sign in to SkyDrive if you already have a Windows Live/hotmail/MSN account, otherwise signup now

3. Make sure that you have at least one word/excel/powerpoint document uploaded to your SkyDrive account.

4. Open Documents folder and you will find invitation to join the Office Web Apps preview. Click the link and follow the onscreen instructions.


5. You are done. Now you can start exploring Microsoft’s version of Google Docs ;)

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