Bing Introduces Real Time Search. Now the Search Results Show Twitter Updates

Real-time search comes to Bing. Microsoft today announced the integration of Twitter updates in it’s search results. Bing shows Twitter results from a few thousand prominent Twitterers(who are having large number of followers and tweets at regular intervals) in the results when ever appropriate.

In a blog post, Microsoft said “There has been much discussion of real-time search and the premium on immediacy of data that has been created, primarily by Twitter”

For example, if you search for Danny Sullivan Twitter or Danny Sullivan Tweets or @dannysullivan in Bing, you will see latest tweets  of Danny in the search results. Here is the screen grab when I bing’ed the same(Yay, you notice that? Along with Googling the web, we can also Bing now. That’s fun right?)


By the way, there is no tie up with between Microsoft and Twitter in this move. Microsoft is just using the Twitter APIs (as how thousands of other are using) to pull the latest twitter updates.

Bing is the first major search engine to show twitter updates as part of search results and this move is greatly appreciated by pundits in the industry.

After so many years, Google is first time ever facing a search engine opponent that is capable of standing against it’s supremacy. Looks like the Search Engine war is on!


Update: If you don’t see the tweets in Bing results, wait for some time as Microsoft is slowly rolling out this feature to everyone. As I write, this feature is available for all the US users and soon its expected to be available for the users in other parts of the world.

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