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Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Internet_Explorer_Logo The browser war is heating up like never before. Microsoft is going to release the latest version of Internet Explorer/IE, v8. Unarguably Microsoft’s IE is the widely used browser as each and every PC is preinstalled with it. In the recent days IE is facing tough competition from Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and even from Google’s Chrome.

In order to be the winner of browser’s war, Microsoft vastly improved the performance, security and usability of Internet Explorer 8 when compared to it’s previous version Internet Explorer 7. At Mix 2009 conference, Steve Balmer claims

IE gets people to the information they need, fast, and provides protection that no other browser can match.

Internet Explorer 8 will be available to download exactly at 9:30 PM IST(12:00 EST) from Microsoft’s IE 8 page

Link to download Internet Explorer 8