How To Capture Screenshot Of Logon Screen In Windows 7?

There are plenty of freeware’s and paid applications that lets you capture screenshots. But none of them let you grab screenshot of Logon screen. In order to capture the screenshots of Logon screen we either had to use a Digital Camera and take a photo or run Windows in a virtual environment and capture screenshot.  Is there any other simple and easy way to grab Logon screenshots in Windows 7?


Windows 7 Login Camera is a nice freeware that lets you capture screenshots of Logon screen very easily. To grab the screenshots install the application, lock the screen by pressing CTRL + L and use ease of access button located on the bottom left side. Windows 7 Login Camera launches and allows you save the captured screen on desired location.

This handy tool is developed by website user yvidhiatama  and it’s compatible with all the 32bit version of Windows 7.

Download Windows 7 Login Camera

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