Magic Mouse for Windows 7 (Touch Mouse)

TOUCH_MOUSEMicrosoft has unveiled the launch of the new product named “Touch Mouse” at the on going Consumer Electronic show (CES). This mouse allows us to do the normal mouse functions such as  Click, flick, scroll and swipe easily without using any buttons.The features of this mouse is similar to the “Magic Mouse” from Apple hence we can call this as “Microsoft’s Magic Mouse”. This mouse is designed specially for “Windows 7” to expose the touch features of the OS as per the Microsoft’s below statement

Touch Mouse brings a new dimension to Windows 7. By quickly responding to single finger gestures, it speeds up everyday tasks that are already fast in Windows 7: scrolling, panning, paging forward and back, docking, minimizing/ maximizing, showing desktop, and more.

Touch Mouse also provides elegant touch functionality to non-touch Windows 7 PCs, so you can enjoy dynamic touch sensitivity at a fraction of the cost of a new PC.

The below video clip explains the “Touch Mouse” features using the “Windows 7” operating system

This mouse will be launched only in June at an estimated price of $80. You can find more details about the “Touch Mouse” at the below  Microsoft web site.

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