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New Blue Theme Logos Of Microsoft Products – .NET, Silverlight, Live Mesh and Azure

I love the new blue theme logos of Microsoft Products – .NET, Silverlight, Live Mesh and Windows Azure. They look very shiny, stylish and attractive. I believe Silverlight is the first Microsoft released with blue theme logo and then the new products adopted the same theme.

Microsoft.NET, close to decade old product, logo is also modified to align with the new blue theme. Lets have a look at all the new beautiful logos

Microsoft Silverlight                                         Microsoft.NET

 Microsoft Silverlight Logo - Blue theme                Microsoft.NET Logo - Blue theme 

Windows Azure                                                Live Mesh

Windows Azure Logo - Blue theme     Live Mesh Logo - Blue Theme 

Microsoft SQL Services                                    Microsoft Live Services

Microsoft SQL Services Logo - Blue Theme             Live Sevices Logo - Blue Theme

What do you think of these new logos? Have you seen any other Microsoft Logos that are in blue theme?


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