New I’m A PC Ad Bashes Macs Again

Microsoft is taking at Apple yet again on the issue of premium price tags associated with MACs. Just like the first ad we saw a week ago, the second ad bashes Apple and states that MAC are too expensive to buy. In this ad, Giampaolo, a tech savvy users tries find a computer that is powerful and yet affordable for under $1500. In his hunt he finally buys an HP HDX PC that is cool, powerful and yet affordable. Check out the ad

Good work Microsoft. Keep it up.

Here are the reactions from blogosphere on this ad

Gizmodo says

that’s a fairly reasonable point of view, according to our study of the infamous "Apple Tax." It’s true, John simply cannot buy a new MacBook with, say, 4GB of memory for under $1,500. But as any Apple fanboy knows, with Apple, your premium pays for the software, and for Microsoft (primarily a software company!) to take the position that software has no impact on value is an odd choice.

Engadget says

Armed with a $1,500 budget, he walks out of Fry’s with an HP HDX 16 that features a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB drive — raw numbers that would cost you $2,499 from Apple, although you’d be getting a vastly better display. Fair? We leave that up to you

A commenter at Engadget says

Seriously i wanna know where i can sign up to do this, i really need a new laptop but can’t afford it.
I love seeing the fanboys get all butt-hurt too. It’s a kick in the nuts cause for Apple cause the only thing that Apple has for sales promotion now is cutting down Vista with it’s "It Just Works" slogans. Apple can’t come out with a commercial like this, NO WAY, cause for once, Microsoft isn’t promoting its operating system or any of its other software, its promoting that Yes, You’re getting a PC, and you can have it configured, upgraded, and used the way YOU want it.
Apple hardware is not superior, BTW. The motherboards are made by ASUS, processors are Intel, hard drives are either Western Digitals or Seagates, and their famed Cinema Monitor, its made by LG. Hmm, specs sound like just about every other HP computer out there

2 thoughts on “New I’m A PC Ad Bashes Macs Again”

  1. what they fail to mention is that a 2gb ram mac is as fast as a 6gb ram pc. the mac uses ddr3 and the pc still uses ddr2. And vista uses 1.5 gb just by itself if available. OS X can run just fine on 512mb. The included software alone is worth the extra money for a mac. Microsoft has no software that compares to iLife 09 under $600.00. just like every other gizmo out there, “you get what you pay for”. Oh and the fastest windows laptop available to the consumer is a Mac running windows in bootcamp.

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