Want To See Any Improvements In Windows Live? Shoot A Mail To Windows Live Team

Would you like to see some improvements in existing features or add a new features to Windows Live Products? Then draft a mail explaining the change you would like to see and shoot it to Microsoft Live team at livewish@microsoft.com. You may see the requested feature in the next release of Windows Live.

Kent Compton, a product planner for Windows Live Essentials, has set up the email address for taking suggestions on Windows Live.


Microsoft is not well know for being open and listening to the feedback of customers. But seems that is no more true and they are changing for the good. Microsoft started blogging about many of their products to discussion views on new technologies and receiving feed back from customers through comments. Looks like this paid off well and they are moving one step forward by allowing customers to communicate with them using email. Good work Microsoft.

So go on, send your idea and suggestion to Live Team, may be we will see them in next version of Windows Live.

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