Adsense Earnings Now Displayed In EURO Currency For European Publishers

Google Adsense team has announced that publishers located in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain can now view AdSense reports in Euros.


The announcement says

.we’ll convert your earnings to Euros on a daily basis using the prevailing market rate from the previous day. With earnings converted daily, you’ll avoid the risk of currency exchange fluctuations between USD and the Euro. You can still choose to receive payments in either Euros or U.S. Dollars and select from a range of payment methods as well.

Why this change now? This is one of the most requested feature by the AdSense publishers around the world and especially Europeans are not happy with the currency exchange fluctuations between USD and the Euro.

This feature will be enabled to selected publishers first and the slowly rolled out to everyone living in those 5 countries. So if you are based in any of the 5 countries, check whether this feature is enabled on your account not.

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