Windows 7 Beta – How To Download, Dual Boot With Windows XP/Vista And Should I Try?

windows7-logoCouple of day ago Microsoft announced the availability of Windows 7 beta for the masses from 9th January 2009 onwards.  The number of beta downloads allowed by Microsoft are limited to 2.5 million. Even though this number is very high, there is lot of demand from tech savvy people. So better rush to the Windows 7 download page and grab your copy right now if you are interested to have hands on.

Should I Try Windows 7 Beta

Given the popularity of Windows 7, the servers of Microsoft are crashing due to the huge demand for Windows 7 downloads. But not everyone are Microsoft fans. If you have any doubt on whether to try Windows 7 beta or not then go through these articles and make a better decision

ZDNet – Reason's to Skip Microsoft's Windows 7 Beta Download
This article lists the negatives that are found in Windows 7 and explains the reasons why you should not try Windows 7 beta. If you love Microsoft, none of the reasons can stop you from trying Windows 7!

PC World – Windows 7 Public Beta: First Impressions
PC World has an interesting analysis on what is good and bad in Windows 7.

Downloading Windows 7 Beta

Windows 7 Beta download is available from Microsoft web site as well as from Torrent sites. It is safe to download the legit version but keep in mind that only first 2.5 million users will be allowed to download

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ttp://”>Link to download Windows 7 for Non-Technet and Non-MSDN Subscribers

  • Link to download Windows 7 for Technet and MSDN Subscribers.
  • Installing And Dual Booting Windows 7 Beta With XP & Vista

    Windows 7 beta supports clean installation as well as upgrading from Windows Vista SP1. It is recommended to go for a clean installation on a spare PC or go with clean installation + dual boot with your Windows XP or Windows Vista PC.

    Lifehacker's Guide – How to Dual Boot Windows 7 with XP or Vista – Adam Pash of Lifehacker has written a detailed guide to dual boot Windows 7 Beta with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    What Is New In Windows 7 Beta?

    Did you manage to install Windows 7, if so it is great. Before you start exploring lets learn what is new in Windows 7 beta.

    How-To Geek : What You Should Expect From The Windows 7 BetaHow-To Geek, one of my favorite technology blog, has a great detailed post on the new features of Windows 7 Beta.

    How To Get All the Goodness of Windows 7 Beta On Windows XP or Vista?

    Want to get all the goodness of Windows 7 on your Windows XP or Vista itself? Here is another Lifehacker post that give you how to tweak your XP/Vista with a set of themes and third party application.

    What Do You Say?

    What do you say about Windows 7? Did you get chance to grab a copy of Windows 7 or just ignored it? Let us hear you through comments.

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