Windows 7 Beta Set To Expiry By June 30, It’s Time to Upgrade to Windows 7 RC

Microsoft has decided to pull the trigger on Windows 7 Beta on July 1st 2009. This is 1 month in advance to the earlier announced expiry date : August 2009. So it is time to upgrade to Windows 7 Release Candidate for all the users who are using on Windows 7 Beta.


Today I upgraded my PC from Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC and the upgrade was very simple and smooth. The ISO pack downloaded from Microsoft servers does not directly allow us to upgrade Windows 7 Beta to RC. But with very minor changes to the configuration files it is possible to perform the upgrade. The instructions for upgrading Windows 7 Beta to RC are available in this article.

Tip: We don’t need to burn the ISO image of RC to a DVD. I unzipped the ISO file using Winrar to an external USB drive and executed the setup.exe file to upgrade the Beta.

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