Now You Can Develop Windows 8 Apps Using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

When the below slide was fired up on the big screens of Build 2011 conference, there was a big round of applause from all the developers attending the Microsoft’s developer conference. Reason? Native applications of Windows 8 can be built using the basic web programming languages & scripts: HTML, CSS & Javascript.


What? Building a native windows application using HTML & Javascript? Don’t kid me!  If you are a C# or VB developer who is been building Windows applications for years, those type of surprise expressions are very common. But it’s true. All the HTML & CSS developers are as powerful as C# developer when it comes to developing Windows 8 Applications. Check the above slide once again to see the equal preference given to C# & Javascript.

Windows 8 is going to revolutionize the developer environment and tools with many innovative tools for developers. Let’s keep following the MS Build event fore more details

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