Windows 8 Start Menu: High Contrast and Metro Stylish UI

Microsoft started publishing details of it’s next version of Windows operating system, Windows 8, through their official blog. Windows 8 is going to have many fancy tweaks that are mainly inspired by popular Metro styles and Ribbon UI. The start screen sports a metro look, windows explorer is revamped with ribbon UI, copy, paste and move file operations are lot more informative and intuitive to use and with the support of USB 3 in Windows 8 you can copy a HD Video DVD in 15 seconds.

Also details emerged about the start menu of Windows 8 and it’s looks more Metro-ish than anything else. Take a look at the below screen grab of Start Menu with high contrast metro looks


The start menu interface screenshots are un-earthed by engadget by keenly observing one of Microsoft Windows 8 demos.

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