Wow! Microsoft’s New Search Engine “Bing” Looks Damn Cool

Bing is the new search engine from Microsoft expected to provide a new dimension to web search interfaces. Steve Ballmer announced the launch of this search engine yesterday at the D7 conference in Carlsbad, California.

Public access to the search engine will be provided from June 3rd onwards and very few members who got invitations from Microsoft can are able to explore the Bing now.

To get a feel of what is Bing, check this cool video. Bing looks like its going to live up to the promise made by Microsoft “world does not need another search engine. it needs a decision engine“.

What Experts Are Saying?


Microsoft Bing: Much better than expected – CNET

I planned to write this story with the headline, "Bing isn’t Better," but the new engine won me over.

The new game in search is parsing information and displaying it in the engine itself (see Wolfram Alpha for the extreme example of this). Both Google and Bing, and other search products, have areas where they will collate and format information for you, instead of just linking you to external pages where the data reside. Bing does an extremely good job at this in several popular areas — like product reviews, movie listings, weather, travel, and stock prices.

While the service doesn’t reveal all its riches at once, it rewards exploration and yields pleasant surprises to users who poke around.


Discovering more about Microsoft’s Bing search engine  – Gaurdian

The best guide to Bing I’ve seen so far is Microsoft’s video about the "decision engine," which gives you a good idea how it works for a targeted set of query types. If your query is not one of those types, of course, it doesn’t work as well. However, the query interface seems to be better than Google’s, in general. Whether the particular results (ie sites found) are better than Google’s is a different matter.


Bing! Microsoft Prepares For War With A Revamped Search Engine – TechCrunch

Bing is certainly not a game-changer, but it does cut out a lot of the back and forth that happens with so many searches today. If Bing can help people find what they are looking for faster, it will put pressure on Google to keep advancing the ball as well.

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