Android app to remote control Samsung Smart TVs


Smart TV Remote is an unofficial Android app that lets you control Samsung Smart TVs connected over a local WiFi network. This app comes very handy when you want to control your TV which is not in line of sight of your TV remote control or just want to use your mobile phone/tablet to control the TV.

Setting up a TV  is very easy using auto scan feature . Once the TV is setup, you are all set to start using the app as a remote control.

A traditional remote controls makes use of infra red technology and it needs to be in the line of sight of the TV receiver to work. But this app make use of WiFi technology which give it flexibility of controlling the TV as long as the mobile & TV is connected to WiFi network. It just works even if the TV is behind a wall.

The App provides very easy to use options to switch between channels and separate remotes with media controls, smart hub features and a numeric key pad if you want to navigate to a channel through its number. The App also provides a home screen widget with volume controls and channel navigation options.

I use  this App to control Samsung E Series Smart Tv at home and it works very well. I’m impressed by the ease at which it allows to setup a TV, support for multiple TVs, controlling the TV though I’m not in the line of sight and using volume buttons of smart phone to control volume of TV.

What’s annoying and missing with the app

As advertised the app works very well in controlling Samsung TVs (B-, C-, D- E-, and F-Series) except it is very painful to move mouse pointer while browsing web on TV. When you try to move mouse pointer using the App, it mouse painfully slow especially. I gave us using the app to control mouse pointer after trying couple of times.

I installed this App thinking that it may help me browse web on Smart TVs, especially a key board support to type web urls. App does not supports entering text either while browsing web or searching through Smart TV apps like YouTube, App Store etc. Developers of this App never advertised keyboard support so no complaints about this. But it would be very helpful if the developers allow this app use as a keyboard and rescue me from the pain of typing text using TV Remote control.

Overall this is a very nice app and worth trying out – Download Smart TV Remote from Google Play

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