Download Instagram photos of any user on Windows, Mac & Linux using 4K Stogram

Instagram is one of most popular mobile applications used to take pictures and share them online. Initially released for iOS devices, Instagram quickly won the hearts of photographers and made into top 10 apps charts in Apple App Store. With a simple interface and quick photo processing features Instagram popularity grown by leaps and bounds. Few months ago after releasing an Android application,  Facebook acquired Instagram for around 1 billion dollars.

Undoubtedly Instagram is the most popular photo sharing app on mobile devices and it’s where you find best photographers share their beautiful pictures online. Being the best source of photographs many users love to browse and download photographs. For those who are looking for downloading photographs from Instagram here is an excellent free desktop application – 4K Stogram.


Once installed 4K Stogram, you will be able to quickly browse and download photographs of any user by just entering user name in search box and clicking on Follow button. The app quickly searches for the recent photographs and displays the thumbnails as it downloads them. You can double click on any photograph to view it with your Operating Systems default photograph viewer. Open the location of the photograph and you will find the rest of downloaded photos in the same folder.

Once you enter name of the user, 4K Stogram automatically keeps tracking the user until you manually delete it. Also it automatically downloads the latest photographs when its launched again. Like this you can track multiple users and download their photographs

Here is a quick run down of 4K Stogram features

  • View and download photos of Instagram users
  • No need to have Instagram account, just enter user name and download all photos
  • Track multiple users and download their photos
  • Automatically download latest photos
  • All new photos are marked with an indictor for quick reference
  • Free and open source desktop application that runs on Windows, Mac & Linux

Link to 4K Stogram Application website

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