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1.5 million Windows 7 phone’s sold…

Windows 7 phoneMicrosoft announced that it has sold over 1.5 million windows 7 phone devices. Windows 7 is a new generation of OS. Mobile operators/users/device programmers need to adopt the same. Its not going to be a easy transition because it’s not an advanced/next version of win 6.x for mobile. We have heard that development from Microsoft side for Win 6.x devices will not continue after sometime. Don’t know how long will get the support!

Everything in it s quite new, like OS, User interface, XBox sync, and also requires mobile phone companies to run the OS on high end chips, meaning atleast 1GHz. So the user segment occupied by phones like HTC Wild Fire are not the ones targeted.  

Hey ! There an is a catch with this magic number 1.5 million….

It depicts only the number of units sold to mobile operators and retailers. It’s not the number of actual units held in consumers hands and activated.

The number could improve significantly in 2011 where Sprint and Verizon join the party in United States. Atleast dozen phone models are in line up now in the rest of the world running Win 7 OS.

One good things that customers can rejoice is that Microsoft will direly push software updates to all its consumers. Operator will not interfere. We can expect strong sales going forward with just this important point where Google’s Android lacks the same.

[Img Credit: Microsoft]

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