Energy Saving Tips For Smartphones

There are multiple applications and functions that run in the background, many of them unnoticed by the users which remains unnoticed till their smartphone’s battery dry up. Being online and some modern applications do eat up battery time.


There are few simple tricks to turn a smartphone stay longer also few applications available in the app stores to help extend a phone’s life.

Applications using UMTS consumes most energy. An easy way to conserve battery life is to change screen illumination settings to the lowest level. Once a destination’s coordinates are found, turn off the navigation software. These software continues to run in the background, says Daniel Lueders.

Disable UMTS and wireless when they are not in need. Else, it looks for accessible networks continuously. Also put the phone in airplane mode, when you go for a long travel where there would not be signal access as the phone will continue searching for the service provider signals.

In Android OS, there is a settings menu that shows which applications use the most energy. Taking a video or uploading data via UMTS, power consumption shoots up.

Turn off the automatic downloading of emails and manually direct the smart phone to download them, also saving energy.

Via The Hindu and cc image credit flickr/Mr. T in DC

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