Low battery? Take Your Pen Out And Talk!

Out of battery and don’t know what to do? Look in your shirt pocket. Take your pen out and charge your mobile phone! and say "Hello, yes! where were we?" No, I am not kidding.

 mobi-charger-1   mobi-charger-2

This latest gadget "A Pen" takes in 1pc AA battery. You could connect your mobile phone to the pen and charge the phone. It gives you 20 hours on standby or 2 hours talk time (depending on your mobile handset). The pen charger comes supplied with five different adapters to suit various mobile phones.

It is estimated that the price to be 19$-20$.

Now comes the best part, its still a pen, you can write on it. :)

Can’t wait to use it?

Buy it @ www.gadget4all.com

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