Nokia Shows The Next Generation UI Of It’s Mobile Phones

Nokia was the big boss of mobile industry until Apple released touch based iPhones. After slipping to many place down, now Nokia is far behind it’s competitors like iPhone, Google Android and Palm. In order to regain it’s past glory, Nokia is working very hard on the new Symbian^4 platform, and now we can see a part of their UI design progress.


These concept designs are intended to get feedback from developers and tech savvy users. The notable changes in the UI design includes

  • Toolbar at the bottom of the screen that can slide completely off the screen
  • Streamlined main menus with just four options: contacts, music, photos and applications
  • Central power/notification menu
  • Support for irregularly shaped home screen widgets that can be freely placed





The Symbian S^4 OS is expected to be available in Nokia mobiles released during the first half of 2011. Even thought it’s a distant future, the new OS is much better than it’s existing version.

via slashgear

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  1. wow awesome!!! Nokia rules!!! I really like the innovation and determination to survive in the mobile industry and give the best nothing but thebest products to consumers..

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