Pay Re.1/call,Talk As Long As You Want!

First time in the world the concept of billing per call basis instead of pulse system is introduced in India by Tata teleservices.These duration free calls, which are only available for the pre-paid CDMA users, will be charged at Re 1 per local call and Rs 3 for every STD call.

Tata Indiacom Pay Per Call
The advantages of pay per call concept are:

  • Local call will cost only Re.1 (and STD Rs.3/call) even if you speak for two hours.
  • This is applicable for any Network even applicable for landlines.
  • There is no catch or any hidden charges.

The company’s MD Anil Sardana said.

“The fact that this offer is for both local and STD calls makes it unique, something that holds the potential to completely redefine the Indian telecom pricing paradigm”

3 thoughts on “Pay Re.1/call,Talk As Long As You Want!”

  1. There exist a catch! their ‘call’ is only *10 MINUTES long*, which means those charges are for 10 mins pulse NOT TRUELY UNLIMITED. And the customers MUST purchase NEW HANDSETS. They can’t just get the new sim and use it. Also, the SIMs which come with new handsets if used in older handsets, they’ll default to 1Re/min local 1.5 Re/min STD!

  2. When u r using Tata Network, it is quite obvious, due to poor network your call will be disconnected, sometimes may be within a minute so you will be left with paying Rs. 3 per minute.
    With tata network it hardly happens that your call duration exeeds more than 5-10 minutes.

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