SkyFire – A New Revolution In Mobile Web Browsers

SkyFire Mobile Application Today morning I saw a video demo of SkyFire, a new downloadable mobile browser for Windows and Symbian OS mobiles.  The capabilities of the mobile browser are amazing and seems to be SkyFire is going to be the first mobile browser that provides user experience close to desktop browsers.

The features of the mobile browser that amazed me are – it’s ability to run Ajax, Flash and JavaScript. Here are the few cool things that you can do on your mobiles if it supports Ajax, Flash Version 9 and JavaScript

  • Browse YouTube and watch videos(with out any mobile application)
  • Watch slide shows of photographs on your favourite photo sharing web site like flickr, picasa
  • Browse Google Maps, Microsoft Maps
  • Listen to music on your favourite music sites like
  • Launch your Facebook Applications

That’s pretty close to desktop experience. Isn’t it?

You can download the beta version of SkyFire for Windows Mobile here and Symbian Mobiles here. As I’m writing this post beta download is available for US users only and soon it is expected to be available for others.

SkyFire Demo Videos

SkyFire Demo Videos  – On Windows Mobile

You can read full review of SkyFire at TechCrunch.

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