Visa Bill Pay: Easy And Quick Way To Pay Your Electricity, Phone, Gas And Other Bills For Free

Chosen by PC World’s Best Indian Site For Bill Payment, Visa Bill Pay is ruling the online bill payment world by its convenient and easy way to pay bills with your Visa credit/debit card.

You can pay utility bills for free like phone, electricity, gas, insurance,magazine subscriptions and even metro water bills thru online very quickly and easily.


Currently it has launched online bill payment sites for India, Singapore and United States.

Visa Bill pay has two very simple ways to pay your bills, one is Pay right away and other one is Register and pay.Both the option are having very simple and direct steps to pay the bills.

Payment Options

Pay right away– is a one time bill pay option for paying bills quickly and easily.

Register and pay– is a view and pay option type which requires user registration.Once you get registered, it will send alerts for the next bills and also due dates of the payments via email address provided at the time of registration.

List of Billers


This list might be change depending on the location you selected.

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