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Fixing the Error “Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL Server”

When I tried to access a MySQL database deployed on DreamHost servers from my laptop using mysql command line client and “MySQL Query Browser” I was greeted with the following message

MySQL Error Number 1130
Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL Server.

if you want to check the network connection, please click Ping button.



The error clearly states that the user name i used to connect from my computer does not have rights to access the database server hosted on DreamHost servers. As I’m trying to access a remote database server, by default it is denying the permission to access it. So now I need to configure the database user rights so that DreamHost servers will allow my computer to connect to it.


To fix the issue follow these steps

1. Login to your DreamHost account using control panel

2. Click on the link Manage Databases

3. Locate the database you want to configure from the list “Database(s) on this server:”

4. Click on the user name to which you want to grant remote access

5. In the input area Allowable Hosts enter the IP address of your computer. DreamHost automatically fetches your IP address and displays on screen as shown below. If you are trying to fix issue on other server, please use this service to find your IP address


6. Save the settings by clicking on the button Modify database now

7. That’s all. Now you can access the remote MySQL database from your computer.

Note:  You have to add your IP address every time you turn off & on your modem if you don’t have static IP address. I use BSNL broadband home connection that does not have a static IP, so whenever I restart the modem, a new IP address is assigned to my computer and I add my new IP address to Allowable Hosts.

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