You may find your doctor with a Dell streak tablet

Dell spent spent $3.9 billion in acquiring perotsystems,  Dell has already Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC) solution, now Dell plans to put Streak its 5-inch tablet into lab coat of doctors. Its been argued by Dell that many doctors use smart phones now a days thus this would be a perfect fit.

This would be a perfect for them for its form factor since its just 5″inches, it has a great mobile platform “Android” that streak runs on. Good applications can be developed on Android platform. It also has a camera built in (front and back) so it would be convenient to take pictures when doctors are on duty. It would support voice like any other tablet, therefore good blend of voice and data sounds great. Dell sure has big plans for bringing mobile computing to medical world.

I really did wonder what would be a good use to tablets ? I really could not convince myself to buy any tablet till today because i really don’t see much of a point in it [Oh! by the way I have a HTC wildfire Android 2.1 phone]. Seeing Dell’s intension’s that one good use for a tablet.

[Image Credit: Dell]

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