Facebook: Hide Your Status Updates From Your Boss/Ex or Any Specific Friend

facebook-logo Sometime we want to hide our status updates from specific people who are already accepted as Friends in Facebook. Do you wonder why we need to accept someone as friend and then hide status updates from them? Well, may be you have to accept a friend request from your boss, but certainly love to hide status updates as well as other Facebook activities from him. Something similar goes with few annoying friends whom you cant’ de-friend but like to hide your updates.

Thanks to Facebook for providing fine grain privacy options on controlling what we want to share and with whom we want to share. It’s very easy to block one or more specific friends from seeing your status updates. Here are the step by step instructions:

1. Login to Facebook and go to Privacy Settings Page. It shows a page something similar to what is shown in the below image.


2. Click on “Customize settings” link

3. Expand the privacy options available in the section Things I Share -> Posts by me. Choose Customise from the list of available options


4. Type the list of unwanted friend’s names in to input box of the section "Hide this from”. Here is a screen grab of couple of my friends whom I added for writing this post


5. Click the Save Settings button. That’s all. Facebook will ensure that these people will not see your status updates on their news feed.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook: Hide Your Status Updates From Your Boss/Ex or Any Specific Friend”

  1. I tried this. They still can see your current status if they navigate to your profile page. Not sure if that’s intentional or a mistake on Facebook’s part. Anyone else test this?

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