Facebook Messenger: An Exclusive Facebook App For Super Easy Messaging/Group Chatting

Facebook_MessengerThe social networking giant, Facebook, today released a new standalone application that lets you message friends in a faster way. The new application, Facebook Messenger, runs on iOS and Android devices.

Once you login to the application with your Facebook credentials, it shows  a simplified list of friends and phone contacts that lets you pick whom you want to message, send pictures and broadcast your location. You can easily start new group chats and share your location on Google Maps embedded inside the application.

The messages and pictures sent to your friends are delivered instantly and unread messages alerts are provided through push notification services. The alert system is pretty good and it’s lets you configure it as you need. Let’s say you can configure not to receive alerts for next two or until before 8:00 AM of next day.

The application seamlessly integrates with Facebook Message system and all your message conversations accessed through Facebook’s web interface.

Here is the list Facebook Messenger features.

  • Messages are delivered through notifications and texts
  • You can use Messenger to reach all of your friends whether on Facebook or in your phones contacts
  • The Messenger app is an extension of Facebook messages, so all your conversations are in one place, including your texts, chats, emails and messages
  • Group messaging: You can easily start group conversations, including your location to be shown on a map and attach photos

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