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Temporary Password Feature in Facebook

Facebook being the world’s No.1 Social Networking site, is in a spree to give many new features to the users. It has introduced tools to download the personal information and also set up groups for a clique of friends in the recent past.

Since Facebook has had security issues, it has now introduced another feature regarding the password for Facebook. Now you can use a temporary password when accessing from public computer. This temporary password is valid only for twenty minutes.

To get the temporary password, all you have to do is, register your mobile number in Facebook for your account. Whenever you want temporary password, you must text "otp" to 32665. You will immediately receive an one-time password in your mobile. With that you can use Facebook from a computer for 20 minutes.

Next time, when you need the temporary password, you should again text to get the new password. This facility is going to be released in the coming weeks.

It has also introduced a remote logout feature that will enable us to logout remote sessions from another computer. To use this, go to "account settings" and click on "change" next to "account security". Here we will be able to see where all our Facebook account is logged in, including the type of device and the city it’s in or near. To log out, you can click on "end activity".

Now that Facebook is becoming more safe to help users to get more out of it. Enjoy!!

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