NASA can alert you when Space Station is visible from your backyard

NASA’s International Space Station(ISS) is the third most brightest object visible in the sky after Sun and Moon. If we know exactly when to look up, we will be able to spot Space Station with naked eye and it looks like bright star moving.  On the occasion of 12th anniversary of astronauts living in space …

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6 Interesting Facts About NASA’s Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’

Humans quest for exploring the surrounding planets to see whether we can live there or not is taking new shape today. NASA’s Mars probing robot, Curiosity, blasted off today on its 9 months journey to reach Mars and explore it for the possibilities of life there. Scientist says that Curiosity is one most advanced rover …

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NASA Finds Evidence Of Aliens

OMG! All those Aliens stuff we saw in movies is not baseless. NASA scientists discovered that we are not all alone in this universe. Many other forms of life is distributed on the planets other than Earth. Aliens are real!!

Video Of Discovery Shuttle Launch Recorded From An Airplane

Last week Thursday evening Space Shuttle Discovery started it’s journey to space station and the launch was recorded from an airplane.  Software developer Neil Monday shot this video aboard his flight from Orland and posted it to YouTube. Check out this embedded video.

NASA’s Endeavour Space Shuttle Launch Video [Recorded]

If you missed to see the spectacular launch of NASA’S Endeavour Space Shuttle live yesterday then here is the recoded video [youtube link] Few posts that provide more information about this launch Shuttle Endeavour launches from Florida – BBC NASA Endeavour space shuttle launches Monday – Examiner Endeavour launch: NASA shuttle heads for space station