Read Wall Street Journal for free using Google Search

Wall Street Journal publishes very informative articles and most of them are available for paid subscribers. But it is very easy to defeat the pay wall of Wall Street Journal and read the articles for free with the help of Google.

The trick is to Google for Wall Street Journal article and click the link displayed on search results to read the article for free. It’s very simple and easy if you are using Google Chrome browser, but it should be straight forward in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Here is a walk through of unlocking today’s Wall Street Journal paid article


1. When you are on, select the title of subscribers only article you want to read

2. Right on the selected title and choose the option Search Google for “<article title>”


3. Locate the WSJ article on Google search results and click on the article link


4. Boom! You got full access to the article and enjoy reading it for free.



I’ve been using this trick for a while from US to access WSJ articles for free. Most likely this should work for users located outside USA as well.

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